OKOLONA In a packed ceremony on Thursday, the new Mayor and Board of Aldermen for Okolona took office.

With the exception of one, Ward 2’s Bennett Moore, all of the board and mayor were different this time around.

Each elected official took their oaths one at a time, with the aldermen going in order of wards, followed by City Marshall and last to go was mayor.

Judge Sumeka Thomas administered the Oaths of Office to the Mayor, Board and Marshall.

Following the ceremony, the newly installed officials were presented to the public and the floor was turned over to them where they each took turns saying a few words.

While they thanked those who came out and those who have supported them, all of them preached a message of unity, and bringing the governing of Okolona to the people of Okolona.

“We appreciate you and we hope that you continue to do whatever you can,” said newly installed Mayor Eldridge Lowe. “There is too small or too great. If you have the desire to do it for the City of Okolona, do it.”

He encouraged community participation in the City and all its affairs. City Marshall Tommie Ivy, Sr. echoed the sentiments from Lowe, as well as adding his own thoughts in.

“Everyone needs to work together in this town, not apart,” said Ivy. “This town will never move forward if we work against each other. We’ve got to work together.”

They also expressed their desire to be there for those in the community that need them.

“Community, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact the Mayor and Board,” said Ward 3 Alderman Jarvis Brumby. “We want to help our community, we want to make it better, and with the help of the Lord, I believe we are going to be alright.”

Other members of the board thanked the pubic for their support and asked for their continued support throughout the term.

“I want to thank you all for the support of this new administration,” said Ward 4 Alderlady Marsha Gates. “We can not do this without our constituents. We will need each and every one’s cooperation and dedication. Get involved in your community. This is the only way that we can move forward and grow the community.”

Former Mayor, Sherman Carouthers, in his last act in office, provided the welcome as well as a few encouraging words for the new administration.

“From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you for letting me serve you,” said Carouthers. “I look forward to what this administration is going to bring to better the quality of life of the citizens here in Okolona. They have a monumental task at hand. There will be good days and there will be bad days, but I pray and hope that the good days out weigh the bad.”

Those installed included:

Ward 1 – Doris Ann-Lowe Bailey

Ward 2 – Bennett Moore

Ward 3 – Jarvis Brumby

Ward 4 – Marsha Gates

Ward 5 – Robert Hughes

Ward 6 – Corey Young

City Marshall – Tommie J. Ivy, Sr.

Mayor – Eldridge Lowe.

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