HOUSTON – The crowd turned out this weekend to see quilts, canned goods, a buckaroo rodeo and cowboys competing for cold hard cash.

Chickasaw County Ag Days wrapped up three days of fun with a ranch rodeo at the Chickasaw County Agri-Center.

“I was very please with the crowds and the event in general,” said Angie Abrams, Chickasaw County 4-H director and Ag Days coordinator. “We didn't have any major glitches and I think everyone had a great time.”

Abrams said there has been a push for some time to develop a Chickasaw County Fair and this past weekend's event may have been the first step.

“I think this showed there is interest in doing something like this on a bigger scale,” said Abrams. “We will meet in a week or two and get with everyone and we what happens.”

Abrams said the Buckaroo Rodeo for kids drew a good crowd on Friday night. She said felt the Celebrity Sorting on Friday night was well attended.

The Chickasaw Journal's Lisa Voyles took First Place in Celebrity Sorting Saturday night with a time of 13.939-seconds. Linda Griffin took second place and James Pettit earned a third place ribbon.

“Some of our celebrities knew what they were doing and some didn't,” said Abrams. “I want to point out our women did a lot better than the guys, but everyone had a lot of fun.”

Abrams said she was impressed with the exhibits that went on display on Thursday.

“The quilts and needlework just blew me away,” said Abrams. “We also had everything from unique candle holders to canned meat in a jar.

“It was all the stuff you would see at a county fair,” she said. “Chickasaw County has a lot of good cooks and some very talented craftsmen.”

Abrams also thanked the volunteers who worked the event and the Chickasaw County Agri-Center Committee.

“A lot of people worked hard to make this weekend happen,” said Abrams. “This is a great event for our community and all of Chickasaw County.”



Youth Winners

Jenna Funderburk – 23 Blue Ribbons, 3 Red Ribbons, 8 Best of Show

Courtney Ruth – 1 Blue Ribbon, 1 Red Ribbon, 1 Best of Show

Amber Ruth – 2 Red Ribbons

Steven Cook – 1 Blue Ribbon 1 Best of Show

Jessi Rhodes – 2 Blue Ribbons, 3 Red Ribbons, 1 Best of Show

Savanna Rhodes – 1 Blue Ribbon

Pazli Dugard – 1 Blue Ribbon

Khenyia Williams – 1 Blue Ribbon, 2 Red Ribbons

LaNasia Moore – 1 Blue Ribbon, 3 Red Ribbons

Adult Winners

Ann Henry – 15 Blue Ribbons, 3 Red Ribbons

Karyn Clark – 11 Red Ribbons, 2 Red Ribbons

Sandra Davis – 9 Red Ribbons, 1 Best in Show

Janie McGee – 5 Blue Ribbons, 1 Red Ribbon, 1 Best in Show

Doris Jean Carroll – 2 Blue Ribbons, 1 Best in Show

Evelyn Pumphrey – 3 Blue Ribbons, 1 Best in Show

Sally Smith – 4 Blue Ribbons, 1 Best in Show

Kathy Funderburk – 3 Blue Ribbons, 1 Red Ribbon

Dianne Webster – 1 Blue Ribbon

Charlee Terrell – 11 Blue Ribbons, 3 Best in Show



Ranch Rodeo Winners

1st Place – Bubba’s Boys: Bubba Eachols, Jake Pollard, Wyatt Pumphrey and Ty Miller

2nd Place – Hayseed Cowboy Church: Joey Moody, Tanner McCullum, Glen Bennett and Mark Cantrell

3rd Place – TCB: Tim Cook, Monty McIllwain, Jim McIlwain, Tommy Sanders

Barrel Race Winners

1D: 1st Kinta Atkins

2nd Kelsey Harmon

3rd Jessica Lancaster

2D: 1st Rebekah Brock

2nd Lauren Cantrell

3rd Tammy Neal

3D: 1st Taylor Cook

2nd Ashley Brasher

3rd Katie Lewis


5 & Under Winners:

Dummy Roping – Kately Lewis

Wild Cow Milking – Tucker Stroupe

Stick Horse Barrel Race – Brett Frazier

Bull Riding – Jase Burgess

Chicken Chase – Brett Frazier

6-8 Yr Old Winners:

Dummy Roping – Hayden Barnett

Wil Cow Milking – Bradley Johnson

Stick Horse Barrel Race – Maddox Clouse

Bull Riding – R.J. Utz

Chicken Chase – Matthew McGee

9-12 Yr Old Winners:

Dummy Roping – Jake Glusencamp

Wil Cow Milking – Zack Boren

Stick Horse Barrel Race – Jacob Pumphrey

Bull Riding – Ty Booth

Chicken Chase – JaCorey Golden

For more information about the Chickasaw County Ag Days or to make plans to attend next year's show, please call Abrams at 456-4269 or stop by the Chickasaw County Extension offices on Lee Horn Drive.

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