EDITORIAL: A happy, new year





Our world and particularly American culture has moved toward mediocrity over the past decades as we simply sit back and enjoy the fruits of the greatest economy in the greatest country on earth.

We are glad to recognize the Houston Solar Race Team as a group that has refused to accept average or rest on the laurels of past accomplishments.

The Houston Solar Race Team flies out of Memphis Thursday morning on a 30-plus hour trip to Australia to compete in the World Solar Car Challenge.

This team has repeatedly taken the name of Houston across this great nation in the National Solar Car Challenge, an event they have won 14 years in a row.

They now step onto the world stage and will race in the World Solar Car Challenge. We would like to point out no high school team has ever finished this 1,800 mile race across the Australian Outback.

While it is easy to compete, it is not easy to excel in competition. It is certainly not easy to excel for more than a decade as the Houston Solar Race Team has.

Our schools, our government and often our Southern culture hints it is Ok to do less than our best in this world. The good-ole-boy system of family and friends does not reward the system of hard work, pride in craftsmanship and the value of a job well done that is demanded by a global economy.

But perhaps most significant is our solar race team has repeatedly won the coveted U.S. Solar Challenge Sandt Award, presented to the team displaying the true spirit of solar racing through distinguished service to their fellow teams. The Houston squad actually helped weld the frame of a competing team that had a fatal breakdown in early racing two years ago.

We would like to personally thank each member of the 2015 Houston Solar Race Team.

Team Captain Allyson Taylor, Lakyn Adams, Summer Carner, Palmer Earnest, Greg Hollingsworth, Matthew Hood, James Ingram, Malik Lawrence, Hunter Moore, Ajay Patel, Hayden Powell, Cody Voyles, Layla Westmoreland and Jackson Whitt.

You have repeatedly brought honor and national recognition to our school, our town and our community.

Your spirit of excellence has made Houston proud, again.



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