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CHICKASAW COUNTY – Federal, state and local authorities executed search warrants and made arrests Tuesday on people living in Chickasaw, Calhoun, Clay and Pontotoc counties on a variety of drug charges related to an alleged methamphetamine ring.

The indictment came out of U.S. District Court in Oxford and named 14 in the court document with the names of two people blacked out in the indictment. The indictment named a person from California and authorities are continuing their investigation.

“I was notified a while back that federal and state agents were in Chickasaw County,” said Chickasaw County Sheriff James Meyers. “We offered our assistance and I have repeatedly told them we stand ready to help any agency any way we can stop illegal drug use in Chickasaw County.”

Meyers said he was called late Tuesday morning by the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and informed arrests were being made.

The indictment was signed by United States Attorney Felicia C. Adams and followed direction of a grand jury for the Northern District of Mississippi.

The following eight individuals were arrested on warrants stemming from that indictment. They are listed by name, nickname (if any) and hometown:

• Christopher “G” McKinney, Pheba.

• Morickus “Hot Boy” Davidson, Una.

• Akida “Kid” Williams, Fresno, Calif.

• George “Head” Fields, Una.

• Christopher “Wolf” Graham, Una.

• Contessa Gates, Eupora.

• Deanta Ewing, Vardaman.

• Robert Bailey, Ecru.

• Trent Montgomery, Ecru.

• Terry Lynn McKinney, Vardaman.

• Jennifer Criddle, Houston.

• Paul “Wall” Jackson, Cedar Bluff.

The indictment alleges those arrested were part of a linked network to obtain and distribute methamphetamine, specifically between California and Mississippi. The indictment also said proceeds from the drug transactions were deposited into various banks in Tennessee and Alabama.

Property subject to forfeiture and named in the indictment as part of the organization included, a Rossi high-powered rifle, three automatic pistols, a 2010 Nissan Maxima and more than $7,400 seized from a home in Una and $5,100 from a home in Houston.

The charges against the major players in this indictment carry, if convicted, sentences of from 10 years to life and fines up to $20 million.

The case was investigated by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Other law enforcement agencies who provided assistance include the U. S. Marshal Service, Sheriff’s Department in Clay, Chickasaw, Calhoun, Webster and Pontotoc counties, Houston Police Department, Pontotoc Police Department and Calhoun City Police Department.

The indictment is not evidence of guilt and each defendant is presumed innocent until a verdict is declared.

No trial date, arraignment or bond was named in the indictment.

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