Will Perkins

There are no sports for me to talk about. High schools across the state are closed at least for another week as I write this. March madness has been shuttered for this year entirely, and the NBA has postponed this season indefinitely.

With the rise of this pandemic, we have seen institutions that seemed completely immortal collapse. Hockey players are thought to be some of the toughest athletes around, and their season was cut short due to the coronavirus. If the boxers on skates are afraid, then maybe we should be too.

I am of the mindset that this is completely blown out of proportion. I think that other measures could have been taken sooner and maybe this could have been minimalized. Now while I think it is blown out of proportion, I also think that we should all listen to professionals. It is their job to keep us safe. The best way to do that seems to be washing hands and practicing social distancing. While the second might not be fun for a while, it does appear necessary to flatten this viruses curve.

Taking all that into mind I have come up with what I am feeling. I am feeling a pit in my stomach that is empty because of the lack of sports as well as lack of social interaction. Hopefully, this pit will have been thrown out in the next few months, but for right now I will deal with it. Everyone please stay safe and make sure you keep your hands clean.

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