Greyson Storey, Nash Earnest, Holden Storey and Dosson Storey enjoyed soem trick or treating on Friday. 

Last week, with all of the uncertainty surrounding virtually everything, the local merchants banded together to make sure that the area kids did not miss Halloween this year.

They set up candy stations and let the kids, outfitted with their costumes, come through and get a trick or treat experience despite the COVID.

This year has been full of uncertainty due to the virus. Everything has been in a state of limbo, with cancellation seemingly just a moment away at all times.

Then, Chickasaw was placed under the Governor's new order, and it seemed that we were headed backwards instead of forwards. This coming a mere days before Halloween also cast doubt on the proceedings therein.

However, thanks to the fine men and women who said, no, these kids need to be just that, kids, there were able to do so.

They were able to be a kid for probably one of the few times in the last few months.

We want to say thank you to these people. They could have simply said no and went about their day, without any second thought, but that is not the type of people that we have running our businesses. They were busy, but they still took the time to do something nice for our kids, and for that we owe them a debt of gratitude.

It takes a special kind of person to own a business in Houston, they are kind, compassionate people, who genuinely care about the community that they are a part of.

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