It is hard to believe that tomorrow, May 21, will mark my one year anniversary as the Editor of the Chickasaw Journal. Let me be the first to say, what a year it has been.

I have gotten to immerse myself into the community and get to know many of you.

We have experienced so much as a community, and I have been there with you, offering you the latest updates on what you need and/or want to know about.

I have loved my time here and I hope to continue for the foreseeable future. I like being able to offer you all content that you want to read, while also keeping you up to date on the not so pleasant part as well, and that is a balance that I have to keep.

Since I have started here, I have experienced tragedy and sorrow that all in the community faced, but it seemed that much more difficult for me because I had to report about it in a way that informed you all while still being respectful to those involved.

However, it has not been all sad and gloomy, in fact it is quite the opposite.

There have been many happy occasions in my time here as well. I have witnessed seniors make that life-changing walk across the field to receive their diplomas (albeit this year will be different to say the least). I have seen hope and joy and the good that is all around us if we just look.

That is what I want to highlight. There is plenty of good in Chickasaw County, we just have to look around us. Sure, there is bad, everywhere in the world has bad things lurking about, but I have learned that you cannot let the bad overshadow the good.

I am always on the lookout for good community news, and honestly, that is what we need right now. With all of the uncertainty about, it is more important than ever to bring to light the good in the community.

So, as I celebrate one year with you all, I sincerely hope to be celebrating for years to come.

Thank you Chickasaw County!

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