OKOLONA • In what was to be the final board meeting for the sitting City Council of Okolona, only one alderman was present.

The clock struck 6:30 and Mayor Sherman Carouthers formally called the meeting to order and called roll.

Ward 1 Alderman Jesse Carouthers was the only alderman present out of the six wards.

Carouthers asked that the record reflect that he, City Clerk Kim Collins, City Attorney Gene Barton, Fire Chief Terry Tucker and Electric Department Director were all present.

Absent were Ward 2 Alderman Bennett Moore, Ward 3 Alderman Kelvin Stanfield, Ward 4 Alderlady Imogene Armstrong, Ward 5 Alderlady Mary Gates and Ward 6 Alderlady Shirley Bogan.

Mayor Carouthers said it was undetermined whether or not there would be a special called meeting to take care of the business at hand or not.

Tuesday was also election day, and one of the Alderman, Stanfield, was in the race for Mayor.

All of the sitting board was voted out of office except for Ward 2’s Moore.

Carouthers lost his seat in Ward 1 to Doris Ann-Lowe Bailey.

Stanfield forfeited his Ward 3 seat to run as an independent candidate for Mayor.

Armstrong lost her seat to Marsha Gates in the Ward 4 primary.

Ward 5’s Gates lost her seat in the primary as well, with Robert Hughes taking home the win.

Lastly, Bogan made it to the runoff, but was defeated by Corey Young.

Mayor Carouthers did not advance past the primary for the Mayoral race, losing to eventual Mayor Elect Eldridge Lowe.

The agenda for the canceled meeting was as follows:

– Adopt agenda.

– Open the floor for citizen comments.

– Review financial reports for the city.

– Review financial reports for the electric department.

– Approve the docket of claims for the city.

– Approve the docket of claims for the electric department.

– Approve minutes from May 11 meeting.

– Hear from Jason Hewitt of Sustainability Partners concerning water meters.

– Discuss and approve a resolution and public hearing for a USDA grant to purchase body armor vests, camera and Tasers for the Police Department.

– Discuss and approve a resolution and public hearing for a USDA grant to purchase a truck for use by the Public Works Department.

– Approve application and resolution submitted by United Furniture for tax exemption.

– Approved Fiscal Year 2021 budget for the City of Okolona Electric Department.

– Discuss repairs vs. replacement options for truck number 30, 2000 GMC Dump Truck Bucket.

– Discuss and approve software and support agreement with SEDC.

– Approve amendment to Architectural Services Agreement with Belinda Stewart Architects, PA in relation to the Welcome Center Project.

– Approve contract with ESI for Airport Services due to the declining health of the current Airport consultant Terry Anderson and that an emergency exists with the closeout of the 2018 AIP grant.

– Approve assessment for the cleaning of private properties located at 203 Silver Street, 115 South Child Street, 109 North Olive Street and 613 Academy Street.

– Approve to surplus truck number 9, 1997 Ford F150 and accept bids.

– Approve travel for Chief Ivy to attend 2021 MACP Conference on June 15-18 in Biloxi.

– Spread Marquon Evans’s letter of promotion to the rank of Captain, across the minutes.

– Approve to accept and spread Mr. Oliver Johnson’s letter of resignation from the Election Commission across the minutes.

– Approve travel for elected officials to attend the Northeast Mississippi State of the Region Meeting on June 10 in Tupelo.

– Discuss personnel.

– Discuss litigation pertaining to the Electric Department.

– Adjourn.

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