OKOLONA – With schools having been back in swing for a few weeks, COVID has been at the forefront of everyone's minds since the start.

Houston Schools were forced to go to virtual learning on Aug. 25 due to having outbreak situations on each of their campuses.

Houlka is still going strong, and they show no signs of having to go virtual as well, according to Superintendent John Ellison.

However, where does Okolona stand?

Well, according to the numbers that they publish each week, as of Aug. 27, they were in great shape.

According to the weekly numbers that are published, since school started the first week of August, Okolona has seen only 14 positive student cases, three positive teacher cases, 28 student quarantines and seven teacher quarantines.

Breaking it down further, the elementary school has seven positive students, two positive teachers, 16 quarantined students and two quarantined teachers.

The middle school has seen five positive students, no positive teachers, seven quarantined students and three quarantined teachers.

The high school is maintaining low numbers as well. They have had two positive student cases, one positive teacher, five quarantined students and two quarantined teachers, one of which was in the CTE center.

The schools are still requiring all students and staff to wear masks while indoors, and they are also sticking to Mississippi Department of Health guidelines.

It should be noted that all schools are requiring masks at the time and they are also following MSDH guidelines as well.

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