OKOLONA -- The Okolona School Board took care of the following items of business during its 5 p.m. meeting Thursday, June 11.

Board members present included Barbara Carouthers-Zoom; Mrs. Lorene Moore Barr; Kinard Moore; Rev. James D. King and William Bailey-Zoom.

Others present included Chad Spence, Cassandra Trimble-Zoom; Vanetta Sykes.

The meeting was called to order by Board Vice President Lorene Moore Barr and commenced as opening meeting. The President Mrs. Barbara Carouthers attended the meeting by Zoom. The invocation was given by Rev. James D. King.

All votes referred to in this story were unanimous unless otherwise noted.


--Voted to adopt the agenda as presented.

--Approved May 14, 2020 board meeting minutes as presented. Kinard Moore /M/, Rev James D. King /S/.

--Approved the Environmental Management Plus, Inc., asbestos removal bid as presented. Kinard Moore /M/, Rev James D. King /S/.

--Heard a technology update by Mike Hollingsworth, but took no action.

--Approved School Board Attorney DeMoreo Reddick’s 2020-2021 contract as presented. Rev. James D. King /M/, Mr. Kinard Moore /S/.

--Discussed the 2019 Okolona School District CPA audit report. No action was taken.

--Approved to release Aden Jantz from the Okolona School District as presented. Rev. James D. King /M/, Mr. William Bailey /S/.

--Approved a contract agreement between Access Family Health service and OMSSD as presented. Rev. James D. King /M/, Mrs. Barbara Carouthers /S/.

---Approved the following items on the consent agenda as presented. Mr. Kinard Moore /M/, Rev James D. King /S/.

A. Approval to pay Bancorp South SVC in the amount of $1628.

B. Approval of the Collaborative Agreement between MAPS and OMSSD.

C. Approval of MAPS-LEA Transition Plan Agreement.

D. Approval of Fixed Asset disposal request.

E. Approval hiring recommendations for Special Education Felecia Neely and Child Nutrition: Keesha Dilworth OES-Food Manager, Annie Thomas, Elma Buchanan-OHS Food Manager, Jessica Robinson, Shirley Miller (part-time), and Linda Darden (part-time).

F. Approved the MCAPS Board Approval Signature Page.

G. Approved to pay Okolona Messenger $891 for RFQ advertisement.

H. Approved to pay Total Mobility Concepts, LLC in the amount of $1286.65 from the Child Nutrition Funds.

--Heard the Superintendent Report which consisted of Okolona School District ACT Scores, First Read policies, and a board meeting calendar.

--Approved the financial report as presented. Kinard Moore /M/, Rev James D. King /S/. That report consisted of the claims docket, current budget status, reconciled bank statements, statements of revenues and expenditures, cash flow statement by month, and cash balance statement for agency funds.

--Adjourned at 7:04 p.m. Rev James D. King /M/, Mr. William Bailey /S/.

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