Will Perkins

This semester is almost to a close and with that comes the end of the football season. It is a sad time for people like me who some might say enjoy this time of year a little too much. I would spend all my Fridays preparing and attending local football games and watching these young men play a very hard sport. Then after that I would spend my entire Saturday watching college football and writing up my articles for this very paper, in between commercials that is.

Now that rivalry week has been completed in the College football world, it is the first “ring of the bell” that tolls the end of the football season. Now we do have a few months left of both college and professional, but it is still just not enough for people like me who would love to watch it year round.

But, now we have a few new things to look forward too. The new basketball season is already underway and will continue on into the new year, and I look forward to attending those games. After that comes a glorious season for baseball and softball that I am really looking forward to covering this year. Baseball and soccer are some of my favorite sports to watch after the last football game and I get to watch and cover even more great students.

However, these are not very good replacements for a person who legitimately loves the sport that is played in the fall. I have and would go to football games with extreme weather such as rain, heat and cold. I do not care, there is no way to keep me off the field.

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