HOUSTON • A riot at the Chickasaw County Correctional Facility early Thursday morning resulted in two injuries and one fatality.

Chickasaw County Sheriff James Meyers said that the incident was an altercation between several inmates that escalated in one of the facility’s POD’s.

The deceased inmate was identified as Gregory Emary, 26, of Southaven. One of the injured inmates was taken to North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo where he is now in ICU after undergoing emergency surgery. The third was taken to the Calhoun County Hospital where he is being treated for head lacerations.

The names of the other two inmates are not being released at this time as the incident is still under investigation. The Sheriff’s Department is working with Mississippi Bureau of Investigation as well as the Criminal Investigators from Mississippi Department of Corrections to determine what happened and why.

According to Meyers, they are also looking into whether the incident is related to the deaths at other state correctional facilities that triggered a state-wide lockdown earlier this week.

“We hate that this happened,” said Meyers. “But these things can happen quickly at a correctional facility.”

No jail personnel were injured in the altercation, according to the sheriff. He said that the personnel saw what was happening and followed protocol to quickly remove the injured inmates.

The last time that the Chickasaw County Regional Correctional Facility experienced an incident of this magnitude was six to eight years ago when there was a fight that escalated, according to the sheriff.

“We have disagreements that sometimes lead to fist fights, but nothing like this,” he said.

All state-run and private prisons in the state have been put on lockdown since Sunday after a conflict at South Mississippi Correctional Institution in Green County left one inmate dead and two others injured.

Terrandance Dobbins, 40, was the inmate killed Sunday. He was serving a life sentence for a 1998 homicide conviction in Adams County and eight years for aggravated assault in Sunflower County.

The Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman also reported two deaths this week. On Tuesday, a fight left one inmate dead and several others injured, and a fight on Thursday at resulted in the death of a 32-year-old male prisoner.

Sunflower County Sheriff James Haywood said other inmates were injured in Thursday’s incident. Deputies from multiple counties and state agencies responded to the disturbances, Haywood said. Inmates in a different unit than the one where the stabbing took place set their cell block on fire, the sheriff said. Haywood said the fire was put out and the inmates were back under control.

“Everybody is up here and everything is calm and cool right now,” he said.

The state-wide lockdown is still in effect.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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