The Houston airport recently hosted the annual Fall Fly In.

It is amazing when you stop to think how far we have come. We have made so many technological advancements that it will make your head spin if you think about it really hard.

There is one in particular that stands out. We are of course referring to flight. Specifically, man-made flying machines.

Just over a century ago, man flying was but a fantasy of the science fiction writer’s imagination. Motor vehicles had not even really found their footing yet. But then came Orville and Wilbur Wright, or the Wright Brothers as they are often called. They invented the first “flying machine” and flew it at Kitty Hawk in 1903.

Flash forward to now, and we have small, single engine planes that can travel for miles, and almost anyone can obtain a pilot’s license. We have entire facilities dedicated to aircraft and their operation. If we want to get to the other side of the country or even the other side of the world, we can hop on a plane and be there in a matter of hours.

One such event is held in this area. Every year, the airport in Houston hosts the Fall Fly In. Planes come from all around and land at the airport to give people the chance to admire them and talk to the people who operate them. It is a very interesting event. If you have not checked it out before, you should, it is well worth it.

It really is amazing to think of how much of a difference time can make. Who knows where we’ll be in another hundred years. Perhaps we’ll be farming on some distant planet. Only time will tell.

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