Abby Lane, left, watches on as Gary Schroeder cuts the planks of wood for the ramp and Diane Bies carries them to the pile. 

HOUSTON – Parkway Baptist Church was once again hosts for the Fuller Center Bicyclists this year.

This group bicycles the Natchez Trace, stopping in communities to help repair or upgrade houses for people in need as they go along.

“The Fuller Center for housing was started by Mildred Fuller, the same gentleman who started Habitat for Humanity,” said Dan Hepp, a volunteer for the organization, and the van driver for the week, though he is also a bicyclist. “Our goal and mission is to help eliminate substandard housing for low-income families. Today what we are doing is expanding out a wheelchair ramp so that the gentleman who lives at this house can get up and down, and I believe his wife is close to the point of being in a wheelchair as well. So, we are making sure that the ramp is up to code and wide enough for them get up and down.”

Parkway is what is considered a chapter, which means that they take care of the food and lodging for them while they are in town in order for the group to save money which can then be put towards supplies.

“Fuller Center has affiliates, local chapters, and Parkway Baptist has started a local chapter. So, we are here to be the hands and feet for them on this project, and also we use churches to host us at night to keep the expenses down and that way we put that money right back into the building materials. Parkway Baptist has been our host for the last 10 years.”

The group arrived on Tuesday evening, and they were greeted with a meal prepared by the church. Then Wednesday morning, they were prepared breakfast by the church and they set out to work on the project.

They headed out on Thursday morning, on to their next stop.

“It's awesome [having the Fuller Center here],” said Brother Randy Rinehart, Pastor of Parkway. “We always have a good time, a lot of fun and we are able to bless people and get blessed ourselves.”

The group led the church service on Wednesday night, sharing testimony, before sharing one more meal at breakfast on Thursday before hitting the Trace.

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