Coach Chris Pettit.

HOUSTON • Coach Chris Pettit’s time at Houston comes to an end after announcing that he will be taking the head coach position at Choctaw County.

Pettit made the decision to take the head coaching position at Choctaw County in early June but wanted to wait to address the job change after the finalization was completed.

Pettit, who coached Houston’s boys’ and girls’ basketball for five years, said that family had a big influence on him taking this new position.

“Because I am from Kosciusko, this job will get me a lot closer to home and to my parents, that is the biggest thing for me,” Pettit said. “Plus, my wife works in Starkville, so now we can move there, and she can be closer to work.”

It was a very difficult decision to leave Houston according to Pettit, and he said the thing that he will miss the most is his players.

“The toughest part about my decision was leaving the kids that I invested in for five years,” Pettit said. “They were some of the hardest working kids I ever coached.”

Despite this departure, Pettit’s love for the town of Houston and the memories that he made over the years will last forever.

“My time with Houston was unbelievable,” Pettit said. “Going into that coaching job, I had been in the school for 12 years, so I was pretty comfortable taking that position. Our kids instantly bought in to what we were doing, they got better every year, and we had some pretty nice runs, especially over the past three years, for boys and girls.”

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