HOUSTON -- Police are seeking a Houston man after his car ran off North Jefferson Street Friday night, Sept. 11, striking a parked SUV and injuring a nearby mother and her two young daughters.

Trey Watkins, 48, who was the driver of the Mustang car, “left the scene on foot. He’s on the run now, but he said he’s going to turn himself in. Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts is asked to call 911,” Police Chief Billy Voyles said last week.

Watkins is facing at least one felony charge for aggravated assault, and several misdemeanor charges including switched tag, driving while license suspended, and no insurance.

Sherita Gayden and her daughters were standing beside their Chevrolet Tahoe at Gayden’s mother's house when the car ran off the road, went through the front yard, hit the side of the SUV in the driveway and pushed the vehicle into the three of them, Chief Voyles said.

Gayden told police the man then walked away from the scene.

An ambulance transported all three from the scene, the chief said. Efforts weren’t successful to learn details of their condition or if any of the three were admitted to a hospital.

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