CHICKASAW – Chickasaw County Sheriff James Meyers and Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles are warning drivers to stay off of the roads, if at all possible, while they are frozen.

“We are just trying to encourage everybody to not get out unless it is an emergency or if they need to get groceries or something because its set to freeze again and we are under another winter storm warning for the next two days,” said Meyers.

He said that while no county roads are currently closed, they are all in bad shape and travel is strongly discouraged.

“Right now we don't have any that are closed, but almost all of the county roads are still in really bad shape.”

He added that anyone needing help should call 911 and they will respond as soon as possible.

In Houston, Chief Voyles echoed the same message.

“Yes, [they need to stay off the roads] because tonight is going to be the worst night with all of the stuff freezing back on the roads,” he said. “The roads will be very bad with the black ice, and you won't be able to tell until you hit it. We urge everyone to stay at home, and stay at home in the morning too because it is extremely dangerous.”

A section of Highway 8 in Houston, namely the hill beside the Lower Elementary School, was closed earlier today due to ice accumulation making it impossible for vehicles to get up. However, according to Voyles, the road has since reopened and there are currently no roads closed within the city, but travel is still a hazard.

“They were closed this morning for a little bit, until MDOT came up there and the city started grating a little bit, and we opened it back up. We didn't stay down but about an hour or two. But people have been having problems all day long, getting stuck everywhere. We had problems yesterday, the officers, we couldn't even get around. We stayed stuck more than we did rolling.”

The temperatures are set to dip to near zero again tonight, which means that whatever ice did melt today will refreeze, making travel incredibly dangerous for all.

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