Will Perkins

I went to the Donald Trump rally in Tupelo this past week. While there as a member of the press I was called fake news by the President of the United States. You could not have wiped the smile off my face when he said that. All I am is a lowly sports writer who went up to cover an event for my readers and boom, I get the hammer from the President. I absolutely loved it.

I went into this event ready to cover it like I would any other non-sporting event. Get some interviews, watch the crowd, and listen. But, when I got into the building the air was charged like a high school or college playoff game. Everyone in the room knew something big was going to happen and they just could not wait. There were politicians talking before President Trump was even in the state. These elected officials were the band substitutes. Instead of playing music and pumping up the crowd, Phil Bryant and the like all came out to stir the crowd with their words. They knew that they were on the home field and they sure did use it. They knew when they would get boo’s and when they would get deafening cheers. They had the crowd by the hand leading them where they wanted to go.

In the crowd there were people with signs both handmade and pre-made by the President’s team. There were people munching on concessions and trying to calm fussy babies, just like any game that I have covered this year. The crowd was ready and willing to stay for as long as the “game” lasted. I stood for 4 hours myself, but there were some true diehards that I am sure stood at the front as soon as they were let in and stayed until the bitter end.

Politicians are masters at winning over their team. They love to separate and divide states just like college football teams, so they know they can always get a full crowd. I love being able to see these grand spectacles and am thankful to have the opportunity to do so. I am so excited to continue to write about sports and its many forms.

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