HOULKA • The Houlka Wildcats baseball team looks to improve for next season by having summer workouts.

After a tough 1-16 season, Coach Johnathan Huffman and the Wildcats have been dedicated to improvement by having practice at 8 a.m. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

During these practices, Coach Huffman plans to emphasize strength training and conditioning to prepare for the upcoming season.

“The whole point of what we are doing this summer is trying to keep our guys active and in shape over the break. We did not get the opportunity to last year because of COVID.”

Coach Huffman preached the importance gaining muscle through weightlifting and getting the team accustomed to hot temperatures in the offseason.

Strength and conditioning were not the only things that Coach Huffman is looking to work on with his team, however. Fundamentals such as footwork on defense and working on batting are also at the top of his list.

“One of the biggest things we struggled with last season was fundamentals. We do a lot of things okay, but we lack the fundamental of getting things done,” Coach Huffman said. “So far, we have been working hard on the fundamentals of fielding and batting.”

Coach Huffman hopes that the hard work that his team is putting in over the summer will result in future success.

“If we can get all the little things down, I believe that will put us one step closer to having a successful season,” Coach Huffman said. “Hopefully, this will lead to more wins and make us a lot more competitive against the teams we had a hard time with last season.”

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