HOUSTON – The City of Houston was presented with a proposed trucking ordinance at their board meeting on Tuesday night.

The ordinance would prevent thru-truck traffic from the main intersection of Highway 8 and North Jackson, all the way to Franklin Drive.

The purpose of the ordinance is to cut out much of the semi truck traffic through downtown, cutting down on the noise as well as preserving the road's integrity.

“An ordinance of the City of Houston, MS prohibiting 'through' truck traffic on certain streets; providing a penalty for violations; providing for severability; making findings related thereto; and amending the Houston Code of Ordinances accordingly,” reads the heading of the ordinance.

The proposed ordinance was brought before the board by Chickasaw Development Foundation Director Sean Johnson. He said that businesses on the west side of the square are being adversely affected by the trucks.

The new proposed route is to have the trucks use the Highway 15 bypass, and avoid the town.

There are penalties for violation of the proposed ordinance as well. A fine of up to $500 can be assessed to anyone found to be in violation of the ordinance. According to the ordinance, each violation would count as a separate offense as well.

There are some exceptions to the ordinance, however.

“It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section if:

i. The vehicle was an authorized emergency vehicle.

ii. The vehicle was a school bus or light truck; or

iii. The truck:

– was being driven to seek service or repairs at a facility that engages the business or repairs of commercial motor vehicles or the truck was being driven to or from home to fulfill a local commercial obligation to a buyer or seller at a given destination, evidenced by a bill of sale, invoice or other proof of route which shall be displayed immediately upon request; and

– the public street was the ONLY route to such destination.

– No through truck traffic routes were designated.”

If the ordinance were to be adopted, it would be effective immediately.

There would be signs placed indicating that the route was closed to through trucks, and penalties would be assessed immediately.

The Board of Aldermen opted to take the ordinance under advisement until a later meeting so that they could have time to read it thoroughly and make any necessary changes before voting.

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