Houston Police Officer Xavier Cousins was treated to pizza courtesy of the Pilot Club of Houston.

The last couple of months has seen tensions rise between citizens and law enforcement.

Fortunately, this tension has not seeped its way into our little tight-knit community of Chickasaw County.

The officers in Chickasaw County which include The Sheriff's Department, Houston Police, Houlka Police and Okolona Police have always, from our view, made sure to uphold the law and protect their citizens above all else. The same is true about almost all officers you will find around the United States.

However, people are grouping all law enforcement under the umbrella of “bad” because of the actions of a few.

This hardly seems fair. These men and women lay their lives on the line for each and every one of us, and some never make it home to see their families again. They do not deserve as bad of a rap as they are being handed down.

They have done nothing wrong. That would be like, for example, Timmy stealing candy from the jar and the teacher catching him. Instead of punishing Timmy, however, the entire class has to miss recess. Many would cry out how unfair this is, however, it is the same thing that is happening now.

We here in Chickasaw Count y believe in supporting our law enforcement though.

Take for example on Thursday when the Pilot Club of Houston bought pizza and served it to the officers on duty at the Houston Police Department.

Simple acts of kindness like this have untold effects for the better on these men and women who risk it all to protect an ungrateful world.

The oath that they take to protect and serve is not one that they take lightly, and neither should we. We should respect them. We are strong believers in the philosophy of don't break the law and you won't get in trouble.

We realize that many disagree with this point of view, however, we like to believe that the people of Chickasaw County know well enough to break away from the mob mentality and see things for what they really are.

P.S. This is in no way being opposed to the current Black Lives Matter movement going on across the nation, it is simply to point out the issue with collective punishment as well as point out how lucky we truly are to be spared much of this grief thus far.

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