Evan Edmondson breaks through for a touchdown. 

VARDAMAN – The Vardaman Rams took to their home field for the final time this season to square off against the West Lowndes Panthers.

While the Rams had a bit of momentum early, the wind was taken out of their sails in the 56-6 loss.

The opening drive saw the Rams not getting much in the way of yardage, and ended in a punt.

Following that, the Panthers scored on their first drive, but missed the two point try, making it 6-0 early in the game.

However, it seemed that this lit a fire in the Rams, as they scored on the next drive.

The drive began with a huge reception from Quarterback Chipper Drake Moore to Andrew Easley, which set them up with first and goal.

After a few tries, Evan Edmondson was able to break the plane and put six on the board, and the kick was no good. However, these were the only points that they would get in the game.

That said, their defense did make several key stops, however, they were not enough to keep the Panthers out of the end zone.

The Panthers had the Rams beat in size, and as such, they failed to wrap up when tackling, allowing for several extra yards.

Another aspect was the ferocity with which West Lowndes attacked the line, breaking through or finding holes that allowed them to get big runs.

Bentley Hamilton did pick up an interception for the Rams, however, it was on a two point conversion, so there was no opportunity to score and the play was blown dead.

The Rams were a relatively young team this year, and they hope to use the experience garnered to become contenders next season. They ended the season 3-7.

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