From left: front, Amanda Huffman, Kristi Booth and Kayleen Murray, auditor, back, Sheriff James Meyers, Warden Brand Huffman, Larry Gallaher, auditor and Jim Allen, auditor.

HOUSTON • The Chickasaw County Regional Correctional Facility was presented with the results of their annual re-accreditation audit on Wednesday, July 14.

The audit team consisted of James Allen, Chairperson, Larry Gallaher and Kayleen Murray, and they presented their findings in the form of a brief dissertation.

Those present included Sheriff Meyers, Warden Brand Huffman, District 5 Supervisor Margaret Futral and jail staff.

Allen led the presentation, and he began by clarifying that this did not grant them accreditation, instead, it was a report of their facility for the accreditation committee.

“We come as the eyes and the ears of the American Corrections Association,” said Allen. “We do not have the wherewithal to grant you accreditation, we come and we look at your facility and we tour it, we go over all of your operations what have you, then I go home and write a report. That report will be somewhere around 40 plus pages and I send that to ACA, and at some point in time you’ll go to the commission to sit down with them and discuss the findings of your report. Then, at that time and only that time you’ll be granted or not granted your accreditation.”

He went into the different categories that they look at, and explaining how many were applicable to them.

“You have 62 mandatory standards you are responsible for and of that 62, you had nine that not apply to your operation, not applicable, so that left you with 53 that you were responsible for. Of that 53, we did not find any in non-compliance, which gave you 53 in compliance and a score of 100%. On the non-mandatory, there was 465 standards, and of those, we found 61 that did not apply to your operation , which left you 404 that you were responsible for, and of that 404, we found zero in non-compliance which left you a score of 100% also. I congratulate you on attaining 100% on both levels of the standards. It’s not an easy task. It requires your people doing their job day in and day out, doing it professionally and taking care of business, and it’s a dedication of the staff to do this and maintain this level of compliance. Let me just say that I am absolutely pleased with your operation and your obtaining of the scores.”

Sheriff Meyers also commended the staff for their dedication.

“I want to commend this staff for all the hard work, I know a lot of the time it feels like it goes unnoticed,” said Sheriff James Meyers. “It is not unnoticed.”

The other members of the audit team spoke highly of the facility as well.

“I really appreciate your staff for welcoming us and answering any questions we had,” said Murray. “The files were also really organized and easy to read, which helps us getting through the files and making sure that you guys were doing a good job.”

Gallaher went last, and he left the staff with a big compliment.

“First of all, with this score it’s remarkable, and you should leave here and continue forward knowing that you have one of the finest correctional facilities in the country.”

Warden Huffman was elated to have received perfect scores, however, he felt credit should be given where it is due.

“I think it is good and I think it is an example of the staff that we have here. It takes everybody working together and getting the job done. It’s a difficult job, but the staff here, I commend them. It’s not only the admin staff, it’s the support staff, it’s everybody that works from a Corrections Officer level all the way up to even myself, it’s just top to bottom, I commend the staff.”

The jail looks to have no issue receiving their re-accreditation.

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