While it does not feel like it, at least to me, Christmas is fast approaching. As such, it is a happy time of year right? Well, not exactly.

This year has been the literal embodiment of a wringer, and we have all of us been run through it. It started out rough, and only got worse as time marched on.

We experienced a near-war, riots, a global pandemic and this was just until June.

Now it is Christmas, and we are anything but jolly.

Many people have died on this path to here. We carry them with us as we go on, we will keep them alive in spirit.

However, these lives lost weigh heavy at this time of year. We remember the smiles that no longer grace our presence, the laughs that we will never hear again, loved ones who have gone on.

It is tough for sure, celebrating a holiday without those who we have become used to celebrating with.

It is like a hole, something missing that we know can't be replaced.

I feel like it will be a feeling that will linger for years to come.

The way we move forward though is trying to return to normal, or at least as close as we can get.

We celebrate the holiday, but we remember those who we've lost. We don't abandon their memory, but we don't live in the past either. That is the way we get past this year.

We remember what has happened, but we do not dwell on it.

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