HOUSTON – The runoff elections were held on Tuesday, Aug. 27. While many races were state-wide, Chickasaw County had a few local races on the ballots as well.

The local races being decided by the runoff were the Democratic candidate for Supervisor District 1 and the Republican candidate for Supervisor District 5.

District 1 was between Shenia Kirby Jones and Incumbent Anderson McFarland.

District 5 was between Margaret Futral and Lamon Griggs.

Both races were neck-and-neck the entire night, and it came down to absentee votes and affidavits to decide a winner.

McFarland won district by a margin of 537 votes to Jones’s 497.

Futral and Griggs race was a much closer one. Before the absentee/affidavits, Futral led Griggs 314 votes to 311. It remained this way for hours until, finally, the absentee votes were completely counted. Griggs won by a single vote. The final tally was Griggs with 335 votes over Futral with 334.

Several state-wide offices also went to runoffs.

Among them were the Republican candidates for Governor, Attorney General and Senate District 8.

Tate Reeves was declared the winner of the Gubernatorial GOP nomination. Lynn Fitch won the Attorney General nomination.

Senate District 8 seemed to be the more complex of the three. It was at first believed that Stephen Scott Griffin had won the nomination, and he was declared the winner by the Associated Press on Tuesday night. However, on Wednesday morning, they announced that Ben Suber had actually won. Suber carried 3,082 votes to Griffin’s 2,886.

The last state-wide office was the Democratic nomination for Senate District 8. It was a race between Kegan Coleman and Kathryn York. Coleman won by a healthy margin of 4,233 votes to York’s 2,467.

The winning candidates will face off with their opponents in the General Election on Nov. 5.

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