HOUSTON -- Four hundred eighty-six parcels of land were sold to the highest bidders at Chickasaw County’s annual land tax sale Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. This sale generated $181, 565.96 in satisfaction of delinquent taxes due on parcels since Feb. 1, 2020.

Houston and Okolona municipalities hold their own tax sales for delinquent city taxes.

The total sales were down about 100 parcels from last year. Considering the battered economy and the unemployment rate, “that’s pretty good for a Covid year,” said Sue Ard, Chickasaw County Tax Assessor/Collector.

The sale was held on-line for the fourth consecutive year. The on-line system is far more efficient than the traditional in-person sales at the courthouse, county officials said.

Registration for the land sale begins at 8 a.m. Aug. 1 each year. Bidders are required to provide a guarantee letter from their financial institution along with a check; all of which must be submitted to the tax office and approved no later than the Friday before the sale.

The winning bidders receive notification from the online auction of how many parcels they purchased and the total amount of their purchase.

Sales are not final on the day of the land sale. The property owner has two years to redeem the taxes through the Chancery Clerk’s office.

Many of the land parcels sold by the county this year have homes, commercial buildings or other structures on them. Unless the structures are otherwise owned or a trailer is registered on the county’s mobile home roll, the structures become the property of the person who gets a tax deed.

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