HOULKA – The Chickasaw County Sheriff's Department is seeking information from the public following a late-night home invasion in Houlka.

According to the Sheriff's Department, two Intruders wearing masks forced their way into a home in Chickasaw County and stole items from the homeowner at gunpoint.

The break-in happened at approximately 1:53 a.m. on Friday, April 30, and the residence was located on County Road 408.

Among the items stolen was the homeowner's vehicle, which the suspects used to flee the scene.

The vehicle was recovered, however, as it had been abandoned on County Road 408, not far from the residence. This lead deputies to believe the intruders got into another vehicle to leave the scene.

The Chickasaw County Sheriff Department is urging anyone with any information to reach out to them at 662-456-2339.

Sheriff James Meyers is also asking everyone to stay alert of your surroundings and make sure you keep your doors locked at home. Anyone witnessing suspicious activity is urged to call 911.

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