This past weekend saw two big days for local businesses. Small Business Saturday, the predecessor to Black Friday, which encourages people to shop local and support the small business in your town.

There was also the Christmas Open House in Houston on Sunday, Dec. 1. This is very similar to Small Business Saturday in that both encourage people to get out and support their local business owners.

Why is shopping local important though?

Well, for starters, local businesses feed directly into the local economy. The more local businesses you have, the better. When industries are looking for towns to set up operations in, they look at how many local businesses would be accessible to their workforce as one of their determining factors. But beyond that, these people are your neighbors, friends and even you family who are laying their necks (and usually a healthy sum of money) on the line to open up their business and serve the community. That should be incentive enough for us to care right there. We should be avid in our support of local commerce.

Chickasaw has seen its ups and downs as far as business growth is concerned, however, it seems to be in an upturn right now. Houston has had several new shops and restaurants open in the last few months to a year or so, Houlka has seen new restaurants and Okolona has also seen some growth. This can become a boom if we all work together to make it so. Our contributions are what drive progress forward. Together, we can bring Chickasaw County up to the level it deserves.

So, what do you say?

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