Groundhog Day

Front: Wyatt Gregory, back: Larry Parker, Bandit, Tony Gregory and Glenn Vance.

ANCHOR • The Chickasaw Groundhog, Bandit, has made a prediction for the county, and it is a chilly one.

Bandit saw his shadow at the annual Chickasaw/Anchor Groundhog Day ceremony at Morris Grocery on Highway 15 in Anchor.

Judges included Larry Parker, Tony Gregory, Wyatt Gregory and Glenn Vance.

Bandit was named by his owner’s grandson, and judge for the event Wyatt Gregory.

This was the 13th year that they have hosted the event.

Larry Parker announced that Bandit had seen his shadow, and thus six more weeks of winter would follow.

This news will likely please some and displease just as many.

Either way, Bandit has spoken, in a way at least.

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