Will Perkins

After going to a few different games in the Chickasaw County area I have come away with an appreciation for what these “small towns” have to offer.

In Houston when I went it was the very first game of the season. So like any other high school in the south, the stands were full. But what gave me pause was not just how crowded the stands were, it was how engaged everyone was with the game. I didn’t matter if they were a mother or a student, each person was giving their team 100% of their attention. Granted in this case it helps that you have a great team playing against, and handily beating, your rival. But, coming from a “bigger school” like Columbus High I had never seen anyone truly “watch” the game as much as the Hilltoppers fanbase.

Vardaman High school showed off a different side of things. While the game didn’t result in a win, it didn’t matter. Whether they were parents, students, or even just a fan they were out there cheering. There were older men sitting in the endzone seemingly reliving their glory days while watching these young kids play. There were also recently graduated students who were coming to watch a game. There was a community that was thriving and having a good time that Friday night.

I love what high school sports bring about in a community. You get to see every different type of person that calls that town home.

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