Outdoor Movie

As the sun went down over Woodland, the movie started.

WOODLAND – The town of Woodland may be a small one, but they are a close-knit community. As such, they often try to do community events at least a couple of times a year to bring everyone together. One such event is their annual outdoor movie, which was hosted this year on Saturday, Sep. 21.

The outdoor movie is a relatively new event for the town. This year being only their second year of doing it. The idea of an outdoor movie was the result of a decision by the Mayor and Board to do something to bring the community together for a fun time.

“This is the second time we have done the movie night.” said Patti Pettit, the Mayor of Woodland. “The town board and I wanted to do something that would be fun for all and that would not cost those attending any money.”

The movie this year was set up in the green space across from the Woodland Volunteer Fire Department. People brought their lawn chairs and they also brought their children and grandchildren. According to Mayor Pettit, the event is geared toward the children.

The children seemed to be having a blast too. They ran around and played on the expansive yard enjoying time with other local kids until sundown, then they were called to the seating area, and it was officially movie time.

Mayor Pettit gave a few ground rules about picking up trash and being respectful of others during the movie, then it was underway.

The double feature for this year was “Coco” (2017) followed by “Aladdin” (2019).

The town also provided snacks and drinks for the people attending. However, the event was made possible by the contributions of members of the community.

“The entire thing was paid for by the town with donations from J’s Video and Mike at the Quick Stop,” said Mayor Pettit. “We are so thankful that the Woodland Volunteer Fire Department is always willing to jump in and help us in anything we come up with. We are also very lucky to have a young man that works through the release program that helped get everything ready. Mostly, we are very fortunate to have James Pettit who has all of the necessary equipment to put on this production and is willing to help promote Woodland.”

The event was a success according to Mayor Pettit.

“We had a fantastic night with a lot of people enjoying an outdoor movie in perfect weather,” she said. “Hopefully we will be able to do this again next year.”

The town has a few more events similar to this one in the coming months. The Woodland Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting a haunted school house during the month of October as one of their fundraisers. According to the mayor, the town is also planning to bring back the Christmas lights this year. She said that Woodland is always trying to find things like this to do, and she hopes to see it continue well into the future.

“Woodland tries to be proactive and keep something happening,” she said. “Woodland’s motto is, after all, ‘The Little Town That Can.’”

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