Will Perkins

Whenever anyone hears the word fall they tend to think about the oranges and red of the leaves. Maybe they think of sweaters and warm cups of coffee. As we get into September and move on into October, we in the south are expecting some beautiful fall weather. What we will most likely get is cool mornings and blistering afternoons. Or worse, a soggy morning and an even soggier night.

Fall in the south is marred by the weather every single year. No matter how much people want the cool pretty weather to get here it never does. Every now and then it does get here, but then it’s gone in a flash. I know that in the middle of October I need to wear layers in the morning. Not because I’ll be cold but instead it’s so I can take them off and be cooler by 2p.m. when its 90 degrees again. I also almost always wear some type of boots because 9 times out of 10 it will either be raining or it will have been raining for a week.

A bit of joy is had by southerners when fall’s biggest and best holiday comes around though. Thanksgiving is a southerners dream holiday. On Thanksgiving we as southerner’s thrive because we get to do our favorite thing, eat! But we still might have the air on just in case it gets a little warm in grandma’s house, even though it will be the tail end of November.

All these things and more are why fall in the south is not always the most fun. But there is one key thing that makes up for it all. High school, college andpProfessional football is either on the TV or just down the road every single weekend. You can sit back and let the night begin to cool off and watch a spectacular game any given Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Football and tailgating allows us southern a reprieve from our lackluster fall weather.

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