Welcome 2021 it is so nice to finally have you here!

I, like a lot of people around the world, am so glad that that year, the one we will no longer talk about, is now behind us. Of course, the year changing on the calendar will do absolutely nothing really, but it is still a good way to get yourself mentally prepared.

Speaking of mental preparedness that was one of many things lacking for the Clemson Tigers in last week’s college football playoff. Playing against an Ohio State team that felt like it had to fight to get into the playoffs, the Tigers did not seem like they even remembered there was a game. The impressive offense they had had all year was very loose and had no sense of urgency for the whole game.

Trevor Lawrence, who will most likely go in the top three of next year’s draft, was not utilized at all. Considered by most to be the best QB in college football, he seemed to only just hand the ball off to, still talented but less so, running backs. Sweeney thought that Ohio State was the eleventh best team, but the game plan he came up with seemed to think that they were a high school team.

Most people try and start their New Year off with a resolution to eat better and Dabo got to keep his because he was eating crow. His entire pregame scheme seemed to be to just demean and undermine Ohio State. I personally like Dabo but he does seem to think heavily of himself. I also usually dislike Ohio State, but this game they were the clear winners.

Thankfully this year has now started in earnest and we can all look back and grimace at where we came from. Dabo should definitely rethink how he talks to the press, but he can still keep coaching the way he has been, that part seems to have worked year after year.

Here’s to a new year and hopefully a lot better of a year than the last.

I am glad to still have my health and this job and I thank everyone for reading.

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