HOUSTON – The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors met for their first regularly scheduled May meeting at the courthouse in Houston.

Among the items discussed was money for road repairs.

E.J. Gregory, a representative of Duncan-Williams which operates out of Memphis spoke to the board about the potential of a bond issue to cover the needed money. According to Board President Russell Brooks, the county is seeking $4 million for road repairs.

Gregory spoke on the county's position as far as bond issues are concerned, and he said that debt determines how much they are actually allowed to borrow.

They heard about both a 10-year and a 15-year payback plan.

However, County Administrator Norman Griffin, Jr. suggested that the county go the more direct route of a $500 thousand loan through Three Rivers. Gregory seconded the idea stating that the turnaround process on bonds is usually 90 days at least. He said the sure money is the best route to take right now and to consider the bond again when the next budget cycle rolls around.

District 1 Supervisor Anderson McFarland made the motion to approve the resolution, and District 4 Supervisor Tom Bowens seconded it.

The board voted unanimously to approve the resolution with Three Rivers for a $500 thousand loan at 3% interest, payable over 10 years, with no penalty for paying off early.

Gregory is expected to come before the board again in September to discuss the possibility of a bond issue again.

Supervisors also:

– Approved the minutes for April.

– Approved amending the contract, opening the Agri-Center for personal use as long as CDC guidelines are enforced.

– Heard from Sheriff James Meyers, who informed them that the current numbers at the jail were 299. He said that they are lower because as people are being let out, Mississippi Department of Corrections is not replacing them until after the lockdown is lifted.

– He also updated them on the need for the new 911 system and asked that it be taken into acccount when preparing next year's budget.

–Approved meal log.

– Approved extending COVID-19 local emergency proclamation for an additional 30 days.

– Approved EMA Director Linda Griffin's request to use a $500 grant to purchase equipment.

– Were informed that the County is currently under four active disaster declarations.

– Spread Executive Order 1477 from the Governor on the minutes.

– Accepted letter to approve list of delinquient fines before Tax Assessor places hold on tags.

– Authorized County Road Manager Doug Winters to work with Purchase Clerk Tommie Morgan to get quotes for FEMA culverts for a list of roads that was provided. The list includes:

9x40 for County Road 335

5x40 for County Road 18

9x40 for County Road 115

5x40 for County Road 98

– Approved culvert requests

– Authorized Purchase Clerk to purchase two “Children at Play” signs.

– Took quotes on a front-end loader under advisement.

– Took quotes for repairing the roof at the Okolona Courthouse under advisement.

– Took a contract with Johnny Carter for beaver control under advisement, citing different terms in the contract than agreed upon when talking with Carter at the previous meeting.

– Adopted a resolution allowing Three Rivers to go before legislature asking permission to collect fines.

– Adopted continuing disclosure statement for bonds with Butler Snow.

– Approved travel for Aug.10-13 convention for Supervisors, County Administrator, Road Manager, Purchase Clerk, Receiving Clerk, Inventory Control Clerk and Comptroller.

– Authorized Watkins Family Cemetery on County Road 20 in Thorn.

– Denied Kim Collins's request to use county-owned voting machines in upcoming election in Okolona. The reason for denying was citing precedent of past boards, and concerns about liability.

– Approved a $64,323.88 pay request for ERBR project on County Road 407 from County Engineer Kyle Strong.

– Approved claims for payment.

– There was no credit card payment.

– Adjourned until the next scheduled meeting on May 19 at 10 a.m. in Houston.

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