OKOLONA – The jail will be receiving some new equipment that the Board of Supervisors approved to purchase last week.

The first item is a new fingerprint scanner for the County Jail.

According to Sheriff James Meyers, the technicians came down and ran a scan on the one that they have now and said it showed an “end of life” scan, which means that it can not be updated or fixed, so they would have to buy a new one.

They approved purchasing a new one from ADS Inc. for $20,778, and it includes a compatible printer, so there will not be the extra expense of buying one.

The money will be paid by half from the Sheriff's Special Fund and half from Capital Outlay.

The other equipment that they approved was a new control board, replacing the one that was damaged in a lightning strike a few months ago.

According to Sheriff Meyers, this should wrap up the repairs from the lightning strike.

Supervisors also:

– Approved the September minutes.

– Heard from Chester Johnson with NCBA, who expressed interest in partnering with the county for his senior citizen workforce training program.

– Approved the bi-annual fire department disbursements.

– Approved the meal log.

– Approved travel for Larry Harris to the Coroner Conference in Biloxi.

– Approved the list of absolvities which included:

The list of bad checks

Personal Property

Mobile Homes

– Approved the 90-day solid waste delinquent list.

– Approved the 30-day solid waste delinquent list.

– Approved an increase in the real roll.

– Approved a homestead deletion.

– Approved a reduction in the real roll.

– Approved a reduction on the 2020 personal roll.

– Approved a reduction in the 2021 personal roll.

– Approved a refund on a 2020 reduction.

– Approved pay requests for two road projects, County Roads 410 and 405.

– Approved three AT&T Permits for cable installation.

– Accepted the road report.

– Approved culvert requests.

– Approved a reverse auction for bids on a new HVAC system for the Houston Courthouse.

– Spread the summary of receipts and expenditures on the minutes.

– Were presented with a potential solid waste ordinance, which will be reviewed and discussed at a later date.

– Approved the matching share statement of understanding and title insurance certification for the Houston Courthouse Archive Grant.

– Approved advertising county resources.

– Approved the inventory roster.

– Approved the juror claims.

– Approved the claims docket.

– Entered into executive session for personnel and economic development.

– Adjourned.

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