HOUSTON – The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors met for their first meeting of the new term on Monday, Jan. 6 at the courthouse in Houston.

The board saw the introduction of the newly elected District 4 Supervisor, Tom Bowens. Bowens was elected to replace former supervisor Jerry Hall, who did not seek reelection in November’s general election.

Among the business conducted, was the election of board president and vice president. District 1 Supervisor, Anderson McFarland made the motion that District 3 Supervisor, Russell Brooks be elected as board president. The vote was unanimous.

McFarland also made the motion to name District 5 Supervisor, Russell King as vice president. The vote was also unanimous.

The board informed the people present that the president and vice president were elected on a rotation basis.

They also conducted other business.


– Approved the minutes for December.

– Approved elected officials bond.

– Accepted a bid from BancorpSouth for the County Depository. It is a two year contract that begins Feb. 1 and there are no fees associated with the account.

– Named Houston Banking Center as the secondary option.

– Accepted a bid from the Okolona Messenger for legal publications for five cents per word.

– Passed a resolution to adopt the provisions of Senate Bill 2827, which entails a raise in pay for county officials, not to exceed a set amount depending on the position which is detailed in the wording of the bill.

– Approved the vehicle take home list.

– Approved mobile home roll.

– Heard from Tax Collector/Assessor, Sue Ard.

– Warden Brand Huffman spoke to the board about the fiber optic internet that is needed at the Sheriff’s Department/ jail. The department found an option for $590.85/ month for a two year contract through TRI Solve. The bill will be divided among the budgets for the Sheriff’s Department, jail and 911 dispatch.

– Approved meal log.

– Heard from Sheriff James Meyers, who informed the board that everything is under control at the regional jail after the riot that happened the previous week.

– The Sheriff requested permission to obtain prices to purchase two vehicles, one truck and one SUV, one from the Sheriff’s Special Fund and one from the department budget. He was informed that it was not in his budget, and so the prices would have to be reviewed and it would most likely have to come from the general fund, however, he said that if necessary, he would purchase both from the special fund. He was also informed that from now on, all departments are not allowed to get prices for equipment. Pricing for equipment can only be done by the county purchase clerk and then only by order of the board. They said for him to work with the purchase clerk and obtain pricing to bring back before the board.

– Heard from County Fire Coordinator, Johnathan Blankenship.

– Approved dues for county fire fighters into different associations.

– EMA Director Linda Griffin informed the board that Chickasaw had been added to the Emergency Declaration from the October storms.

– Accepted an agreement with Nell Anderson for another burn site for the disposal of storm debris at the rate of $500/month.

– Accepted culvert requests.

– Accepted a quote for wash rock from APAC in Hamilton.

– Accepted a quote for coal mix from APAC as well.

– Approved the purchase of a tractor for $51, 628. 72 from Wade Inc. to replace the tractor that was involved in an accident in October.

– Approved the purchase of a replacement bush hog for $17, 536 from Wade Inc. as well.

– Accepted a quote for excavator rental from Stribling Equipment.

– Tabled the rental of air-forced fans for burn sites until next meeting.

– The Purchase Clerk informed the board that the new state-approved mileage rate is 57.5.

– Instructed the Purchase Clerk to obtain pricing for two mini excavators at state contract price.

– Approved contract with Rafer Lee Darden for $100/month on the county barn.

– Approved a resolution with Tombigbee River Valley Water District for bridge work.

– Approved employees signing purchase requisitions.

– Approved agreement for the preservation of records.

– Approved fees provided by statue for Chancery Clerk.

– Approved employee contributions to PERS.

– Approved payment of claims.

– Moved from regular session into executive session.

– Recessed until their next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 10 a.m. at the Houston Courthouse.

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