HOUSTON – The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors elected their board President and Vice President on Monday, Jan. 4.

The board, unlike in recent years, elected to keep the same President and Vice President as the previous year, instead of operating on the rotating basis that has become the norm for them.

The President is Russell Brooks and the Vice President is Bill Blissard.

District 1 Supervisor Anderson McFarland made the motion that the President and vice President remain the same, and District 4 Supervisor Tommie Bowens seconded the motion.

Brooks said that it was in the statute that the Board President and Vice President were elected for one-year terms.

There was some discussion on the matter as well.

“I thought we knew that all last year, and we were going to do like we were already doing, on a rotational basis,” said Blissard.

Brooks countered saying that the board had done it both ways in years past, thus there was no clear precedent.

Newly-elected District 5 Supervisor Margaret Futral also offered her opinion.

“I think its good to rotate, just to have some variety,” she said.

The motion had been properly seconded, however, and went to a vote, where it passed by a vote of 3-2. Brooks, McFarland and Bowens, voted yes, and Blissard and Futral voted no.

After the vote, an audience member spoke without permission, claiming that one of the supervisors, Bowens, did not vote because he did not raise his hand.

At this point, Brooks explained that the board would follow the rules of order, and not allow outbursts from the audience.

“We are going to get this crystal clear from day one,” he said. “There is no place in Robert's Rules of Order for the audience to interrupt the board, and we are going to stick by those rules, and if there is any interruption from the audience at any time, the Sheriff will escort them out. Because the people of this board are elected to represent their constituents and there will be no outbursts from anyone in the audience at any time.”

After this discussion, the board moved on to other business on the agenda.

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