HOUSTON – A New Year means a new start for the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors, who had to make their annual list of appointments during their first meeting of 2021.

The statutory appointments are for non-elected positions vital for the county's everyday operation such as various clerks, road manager and the comptroller.

Almost all of the appointments were made with little discussion, as they were re-appointments from last year, however, one stood out as needing further discussion.

The position of Comptroller has been held in with an interim title by Chancery Clerk and Board Clerk Tiffany Lovvorn.

District 2 Supervisor Bill Blissard made a motion to remove the interim title from Lovvorn, and give her the official title of Comptroller.

Board President, Russell Brooks voiced his concern for the move, stating that he thought it would be better to hire someone to serve as a full-time Comptroller.

“This is not anything personal towards Tiffany, but I think that department needs a full-time Comptroller with two employees. We have gone from three employees to five, and I think we should fade out those part-time positions and hire a full-time Comptroller and hire one other person out there. I think that the two part-times should be phased out and have one Comptroller, which can be there every day, and those other two employees.”

He said that the board should leave Lovvorn as interim and look at hiring a full-time Comptroller. However, Blissard did not agree.

“I really don't see the problem out there,” he said. “We just, one week from the end of the year, gave them the insurance that they had to redo and reflect a different company and a completely different major health provider and on Jan. 1, we had a few little hiccups, but it was all taken care of and there was no way possible we could have taken care of it if we didn't have a Comptroller that was taking care of business.”

The board entered into executive session at the end of the meeting to discuss the matter, as it pertained to personnel issues, and upon returning to regular session, it was announced that no determination was made in executive session.

They then voted to remove the interim title from the position, and make Lovvorn the Comptroller.

The full list of appointments include:

– County Administrator: Norman Griffin, Jr.

– Interim Board Attorney: Gary Carnathan

– Road Manager: Doug Winters

– Comptroller: Tiffany Lovvorn

– Emergency Management Director: Linda Griffin

– Fire Coordinator: Jonathan Blankenship

– Arson Investigator: Dwight Parker

– Purchase Clerk: Tommie Morgan

– Assistant Purchase Clerk: Teresa Easley

– Receiving Clerk: Brittany Brown

– Receiving Clerks: Mike Pettit, Sharon Morgan, Christy Booth, Glenda Dixon and Patty Stallings

– Inventory Control Clerk: Tiffany Lovvorn

– Justice Court Clerk: Glenda Dixon

– Justice Court Clerk: Sue Gann

– Deputy Justice Court Clerk: Judy Henson

– Deputy Justice Court Clerk: Amanda Smith

– County Engineer: Kyle Strong

– State Aid and LSVP Engineer: Kyle Strong

They also entered into a contract with Donna Clark as the Youth Court Intake Officer, and the Chancery Clerk's Office for the preservation of records.

Next they approved the list of employees that could sign requisitions.

Lastly, they agreed to use Attorney Jim Hood for legal advisement.

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