Makayla Brown (center) was presented with the MAS Scholarship at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Pictured are the Board of Supervisors and Brown with her family.

OKOLONA – The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors met at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, June 23 at the Courthouse in Okolona.

While convened, the board took the opportunity to present the annual Mississippi Association of Supervisors (MAS) Scholarship. This year's recipient was Makayla Brown of Houlka. Brown was the class Historian for Houlka's class of 2020.

“This award comes with a certificate of recognition,” said Board President, Russell Brooks. “It also comes with a $500 check.”

The scholarship is awarded to children, grandchildren, etc. of county employees who are planning to go to college, and display outstanding academic achievement.

Brown came before the board and received her award.

“Thank you,” she said.

Her family was in attendance.

The supervisors also made the decision to submit a letter of request to the Itawamba Community College Board of Directors asking to cut the amount of funding that Chickasaw currently contributes. 

The county currently contributes roughly $461,000, however, the request is to lower that amount to $300,000. This would be the equivalent of 3.45 mills, which is still within the required two mills. 

The motion, made by District 2 Supervisor Bill Blissard, passed unanimously, by a vote of 4-0.

Supervisors also:

– Received quotes on a front-end loader. The two quotes were $65,000 from Dendy Equipment and $49,500 from Mid-South Machinery. However, the machine from Mid-South has rust issues according to pictures that County Road Manager Doug Winters has seen. Therefore, the board took the quotes under advisement until the next meeting.

– Welcomed representatives of Regional Rehab, who thanked the board for the contribution this last year, and informed them about what they had planned for the upcoming year.

– There was no report from the Sheriff's Department.

– Accepted the list of tag surrenders from Tax Collector/Assessor Sue Ard.

– Took no action on a request from Ivy Daycare for a private non-profit tax exemption, citing precedent as the reason because they have never granted such an exemption before unless the daycare was church-affiliated, which Ivy's is not.

– Rejected two requests fro a free-port warehouse from Collums Homes Inc. for raw materials. The free-port warehouse only applies to finished products awaiting shipping.

– Rejected a request for an industrial tax exemption from Collums Homes Inc.

– Approved submitting a written request from the board requesting an extension on the burn sites for FEMA.

– Heard from the office of the County Engineer about ongoing road projects. County Road 410 has a bridge project that is ready to be advertised, and the board approved the advertising. County Road 405 has been advertised, and bids will be opened in July.

– Accepted utility permits for the County Road 410 project.

– Accepted utility permits for the County Road 405 project.

– Accepted a quote of $10,200 on a 10x40 culvert from the Rail-Road Yard, to be paid through FEMA.

– Approved staying with APAC for wash gravel even though the price had increased to $12.51 per ton, as opposed to the second quote from Bayco National, which was $9.75 per ton. However, with the distance and expense calculated in, APAC remained the better quote.

– Accepted a quote from Coal Mix for $86 per ton for coal mix. This topped APAC's quote of $104 per ton.

– Approved purchasing a lawnmower for the Regional Jail at the state contract price of $8,685.88 from Chickasaw Equipment.

– Approve getting quotes for pest control to address the termite problem that was discovered in the Houston Courthouse.

– Rejected a quote from Lynn Bryant for $46,948.43, to build a handicapped ramp for a grant. The quote well exceeded the amount available with the grant.

– Approved culvert requests.

– Took no action on a list of non-profit allocations until it can be amended.

– Accepted a letter of resignation from Jamie Brassfield for the Custodian position at the Houston Courthouse.

– Approved advertising for the vacated position.

– Heard from TRC.

– Approved Nathan Bailey as a candidate for election commissioner.

– Approved final resolutions for industrial tax exemptions for Franklin Corporation, Franklin Development, Crestfoam, United Furniture and Ware Milling.

– Approved July 3 as a holiday for the County.

– Approved a transfer of funds from Clarksdale.

– Approved land redemption settlement.

– Approved an inventory deletion of a microwave at the jail.

– Approved claims for payment.

– Approved a Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District resolution for creek clean out.

– Approved tort claims certificate.

– Enter into executive session to discuss personnel matters.

– Upon reentering regular session, Board President Brooks informed the public that no action was taken in executive session.

– Adjourned until July 7 at the Houston Courthouse.

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