OKOLONA – The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors held a bid opening at the courthouse in Okolona on Monday.

The bids were for hauling, spreading and packing 12 inches of dirt on 18 feet wide roads, and a separate bid for prepping, matting and sealing the roads.

The county advertised for bids for the work on three roads, County Roads 159, 215 and 413.

Sizemore Construction was the sole bidder.

The bids came in at varying prices depending on the work.

County Road 159, which has approximately 3 miles to be done, was the most expensive at $117,040.

County Road 413, which has 2.5 miles was the next most expensive at $97,533.37.

County Road 215, which has 2 miles, came in at $78,025.50.

The preparing, matting and sealing came in at $21,804.40 per mile.

There were also some stipulations included for extra work and fuel.

“If soft spots or pumping places are found in the roadbed, the Road Supervisor and I will come to an agreement on the cost or repair, which will consist of dig out, haul off crusher run, limestone, hauled in grated and packed,” read the language in the bid.

There was also a stipulation that there would be a fuel surcharge if gas prices rose above $5.29 per gallon.

District 5 Supervisor Margaret Futral made a motion to take the bids under advisement and District 3 Supervisor Russell Brooks seconded it. The motion passed.

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