OKOLONA – The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors met for their first monthly meeting at the courthouse in Okolona on Monday, Oct. 5.

Among the business conducted was spreading the Governor's new executive order, repealing the previous mask mandate in the state.

When it came time to spread the order on the minutes, Board President Russell Brooks said that he did not want to include the part about masks not being required, however, it was then determined that the order suggested masks be worn, it just did not mandate it.

After the order was spread across the minutes, Brooks made a motion that the county strongly suggest that all residents continue wearing masks.

Initially there was some confusion, as it read like a mandate, however, each municipality has the choice whether or not to mandate masks in their towns, however, the county can not require them in these municipalities.

Therefore, it was reworded to clearly state that masks were suggested but not mandated.

Supervisors also:

– Welcomed Nathaniel Cunningham, who inquired about three projects that he wished to see the county undertake. The first was a ditch on his mother's property, which floods, the second was a road off of Davis Lake Road, however, that road had been previously discussed, and found not to be a county road, therefore there was nothing that could be done that had not already been done. Lastly, he wished to see a road name sign replaced that was missing from a road that had been renamed a few years ago.

– Heard from Sheriff James Meyers, who informed the board that the current numbers at the jail were 297, and also that Mississippi Department of Corrections had halted inmate transport to and from all facilities for the remainder of the month, to be reexamined in November.

– Accepted funds from the CARES Act for COVID-19 related expenses. The amount was less the money that had already been received from FEMA.

– Approved a homestead deletion.

– Approved an increase in the real roll due to the homestead deletion.

– Approved a reduction in the personal roll.

– Approved the solid waste delinquent list, so that the car tags could be flagged.

– Heard from Cook Coggins about current and upcoming road projects.

– Heard from County Road Manager Doug Winters.

– Gave Purchase Clerk Tommie Morgan the authority to get specifications for a new garbage truck and look at replacing one.

– Authorized Morgan to get quotes on a used front-end loader.

– Approved having the county attorney draft a resolution with Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District for work that needs to be done near the GM&O Railroad, near the Tanglefoot Trail.

– Approved a quote for repairing the rest rooms at the Department of Human Services, from R&R Construction in the amount of $4,956.40, to be split between DHS and the county.

– Approved the culvert requests.

– Approved partnering with Three Rivers for Medicare Open Enrollment.

– Approved the monthly solid waste account adjustments.

– Were presented with the receipts and expenditures through August.

– Took ambulance service providers proposals under advisement. There were three proposals and they were from:




– Approved renewing contract with the Chickasaw County Agri-Center.

– Approved the inventory roster for the new year.

– Welcomed Okolona Mayor Sherman Carouthers, who asked about an update on the properties in city limits to be assisted in clean up by the county.

The board approved an interlocal agreement for the demolition of the two properties, however, the city is responsible for the removal of the debris and other cleanup.

The work is expected to start after the beginning of the year, as interlocal agreements have a new process that can be time consuming according to the county attorney.

– Approved claims for payment.

– Entered into executive session for economic development and personnel.

– Adjourned

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