Sweet Potato Council

Sherry Williams presented Jamie Earp with the deed to the building at the grand opening ceremony.

VARDAMAN – The Sweet Potato Council will soon have a new base of operations in the city of Vardaman.

BancorpSouth recently completed construction on their new building, which sits right beside their old building. They held a grand opening for the new building on Wednesday, July 17.

The old building will soon serve as the home of the Sweet Potato Council.

The choice was an easy one it seems.

“When they decided to build a new building, BancorpSouth wanted to see if there was a group in the community that could benefit from this building,” said Sherry Williams, Vice President of the Vardaman branch of BancorpSouth. “The Sweet Potato Council was the first thing that came to our minds. We knew that they rented a small building, and when they had meetings, they would go to Pitsborro to the multipurpose building, so that’s traveling out of Vardaman to do that, but with this [building] they can have a meeting place. There’s lots of things they can use this for.”

The Sweet potato Council is responsible for promoting Mississippi grown sweet potatoes. They also educate sweet potato farmers on the latest and most effective practices to make sure the yield is as good as it can possibly be. According to their website, they represent 105 different farms and 26 different packing facilities in Mississippi.

They are certainly glad to have the new building too.

“We appreciate the BancorpSouth leadership for understanding the unique relationship we have with the sweet potato industry,” said Jamie Earp, President of the Sweet Potato Council. “We plan to do some renovations inside and put some memorbillia on the walls, to remind people of years past.”

Sherry Williams presented Jamie Earp and the Council with the deed to the building at the grand opening ceremonies.

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