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One of the offerings of the T3 course is vehicle defense.

VARDAMAN – When Houston resident, Alberto Davis started his self-defense training program called Trust the Training (T3), he did not envision it becoming as big as it is today.

A few years ago, along with some of his friends and people he had met throughout his time in law enforcement, Davis began the T3 program. His goal was to educate the public about proper gun safety and self-defense tactics, but also to offer alternatives to deescalate a situation.

“We are a Christian-based organization that teaches firearms safety,” said Davis. “We also try to instill in everyone that lethal force should be a last resort. There are too many people who prefer it to be the first option and they make comments like ‘If someone comes into my house, I’m shooting to kill’ and ‘If you pull a gun out, you better use it’ and these are very dangerous statements that have been engrained in the youth and people believe them.”

Davis is no stranger to situations such as the ones they train their students for. He has 20 years of law enforcement experience and is now an investigator for the State Attorney General’s Office. He has transitioned that knowledge into the T3 curicculum. He does not teach any trade secrets or whatnot, instead, he teaches them the law for carrying and discharging a weapon, and what the consequences of those actions.

“Defending yourself is the first fight and it’s the easy one,” said Davis. “Defending yourself in court after you use lethal force, whether it was justified or not, you’re going to have to defend yourself. So we teach T3 alumni about what happens in court proceedings. I have friends who have been through this deal, and it has literally financially broke them. So just because you can shoot, it doesn’t excuse you from the civil side of it. We teach people how to do everything to deescalate.”

The program is not your average self-defense course though. They also work with more than just the general public. They offer private training to several law enforcement agencies around the area in areas such as vehicle defense. They will work with local churches and help them develop defense plans and train their security teams if they have one.

The goal of T3 is to help people make the best possible decisions in an intense situation. If they can keep their wits about them, then there is much less of a chance of a tragic event.

“I’m going to try my best to teach you how to not have to kill somebody,” said Davis.

For more information, or to register for the course, contact Alberto Davis.

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