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Sharon Atkinson enjoyed the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast hosted by the Houston School District.

Local schools will be opening their doors this week, and receiving a new group of students, eager ... or perhaps not so eager to begin the school year, but all the same, it is here. They will flood the halls and reconnect with friends they have not seen since May.

Years later when they look back, the memories will be a little different though. They will not remember the equation written on the board, meant to serve as a warm-up for a math class, nor will they remember the history test they took that one Tuesday. What will they remember? Their teachers.

Almost everyone who went to school had a favorite teacher, or perhaps even more than one. They always look back with fondness at that person who had such an impact on their lives that they still think about them 20 years later. This is the real effect teachers have on their students.

Teachers are the ones who sacrifice their time to educate the youth. They spend day-in and day-out in their classrooms with their students, making sure they are prepared for the test, or that they know the subject matter at hand so that they can apply it towards anything that may warrant it. As such, often times they develop a sort of relationship with their students. The students feel that they can trust the teacher and thus are more likely to confide in them. This is where the teachers really stand out.

Teachers are people, and people live lives. As such, they have some knowledge/experience about the world that students in school often don’t have. When they impart that knowledge on the children to help them live a better life, that is the greatest gift they can give. That is what will be remembered 50 years from now.

So, be sure to thank teachers. Because if not for them, we would not be where we are today.

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