This year has brought about unprecedented changes to our education system, and graduation has not been exempt.

Many area high schools are being forced to hold private graduation ceremonies by appointment, and people have been pouring out support over social media for the seniors who did not get to complete their school year and have the experiences that we all took for granted. However, there is one group that seems to have been overlooked...our college seniors.

Think about it. These students have worked their tails off for four (or maybe even more) years to complete their higher education and gain the degree they are seeking. They have poured everything they have into their work and spent many a sleep-less night preparing for presentations or finishing papers. However, we have not seen much of the same support being sent out towards them.

We are not saying that high school seniors are not worthy, it is actually quite the opposite. We are saying that ALL seniors are worthy of our praise. We have no idea what a person has went through to get where they are today. Sometimes, that feeling of gratification one gets when crossing the stage in front of 200+ people (as colleges often have very large class sizes) can solidify their confidence and affirm that all of the work was worth it. It allows others to bear witness to the climax of the journey that has occupied so much of their young adult life. However, this group of seniors will not get that experience. They will either walk in front of a few friends and family, or graduate via a virtual commencement.

However, removing the graduation aspect of it, there is still the social aspect. College is a place where one finds oneself so to speak. Often times we discover who we really are and part of that is through the friends we make. With universities being so diverse, and bringing in students from not just the United States, but from all across the globe, many people often make friends who live miles and miles away from them. Some of these people will never see these friends again, and that is the sad reality. They were not able to spend those last few months together either, which has to sting even more. They were not expecting the time they saw them before spring break to potentially be the last time they would ever see them, but sadly it shaped up that way for many.

So, keep in mind that these seniors are having just as tough a time and deserve our comfort and support as well.

We should all be one. Class of 2020 Strong.

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