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Runningback Bobby Townsend had picked up several yards in Friday night’s game.

MACON – The Houston Hilltoppers lost on Friday night while taking on the Noxubee County Tigers with a final score of 19-12. Although everyone wishes the Toppers could have brought this one home, they did play an outstanding game, against an outstanding team.

“We have been plagued by injuries recently,” said head coach Ty Hardin about his team.

One of those injuries surfaced after the half. Number 11 Martravious “Red” Parker was on the bench after taking repeated hits and landing on his hip. The team manager said that it was only a bruised hip and that he should be back next week against Choctaw County.

While injuries were a factor, the Hilltoppers played with a hunger and a fever of a completely healthy team. Perhaps the most notable of these were the running backs. Bobby Townsend had another fantastic night picking up yards left and right. The sweep to either side seems to be where this young man strives.

The fans were also very loud and supportive of Houston.

After Parker was taken out with the injury, backup quarterback Derrion Pullphus came in and showed what he could do. While he may not have the same arm as Parker he does have fantastic rushing abilities in the pocket. Coach Hardin currently has a stable of two fantastic double threat quarterbacks.

Sadly it did seem that there were a few errors in the officiating of this game. Most notably the game clock would continue to run even though the previous play should have stopped it. This issue did get fixed later in the game, but there were many fans of the Hilltoppers that were highly upset. Hopefully this will be the only issue in the officiating that will take place for the rest of the season.

Next week the 5-2 Hilltoppers take on the Mustangs of Choctaw County who are currently sitting at a record of 4-3.

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