As a journalist, I enjoy news related humor. As such, I enjoy satirical sites such as the Onion and the like.

However, I have noticed a trend that is equal parts amusing and frightening. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish truth from satire.

Take this headline for instance.

“US fighter jets again intercept Russian military aircraft near Russia.” Surely this is satire right? Wrong. It is a breaking news headline on CNN.

I get the intent of the headline, however, it says they encountered Russian aircraft...near Russia. It is quite comical.

What about this?

“Three people died and one is permanently blind after drinking hand sanitizer.” Again, it is true.

What about the fake headlines.

“Nancy Pelosi calls Jamaal Bowman to scold him for winning primary.”

It could honestly be true based on the trend of things nowadays.

We truly live in confusing times when truth and fiction could be interchangeable. They could work in either situation.

It is even worse when sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

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