Have you ever stopped to think about how powerful the phones we hold so dear are?

We can access anything we have ever thought of, at a moments notice, right from the palm of our hand.

It is a library, where we can do research. We can use the internet anytime, almost anywhere, giving us access to all information contained therein.

Just over a decade ago, this power was only beginning to develop, and I, like many others, did not think that it could be possible to get too the point that we are at today.

I started out with a $10 flip phone in high school so that I could be reached if need be, it did not have internet, it did not even have a camera.

Flash forward to today, and 90% of my life happens on this one device.

I make calls and do research. I take photos. I even manage a website.

However, in this world that is dependent upon these little hand-held computers, there comes a great deal of danger.

We live in a sharing culture now. People feel the need to document every aspect of their lives for the internet crowd to see. If it is not on the internet, it didn't happen.

This is where the risk comes in. Our personal info is all over the internet, and it seems that someone can easily access that information at any time.

So, this is why we must be careful. In a world where everyone knows what you are up to, it becomes increasingly difficult to get any privacy.

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