With the first COVID-19 vaccine finally getting approval from the FDA, we will hopefully begin to see this pandemic begin to subside.

I am so excited about what this means for both life in general as well as sports.

Soon we will all start going to games again to cheer on our teams and boo the opposing side. We can soon gather with friends and family to tailgate at games, and have watch parties in our homes.

While of course, this vaccine will not just instantly make life normal again, it is the first step. More than likely masks will still be mandatory for the first half of the year, and continuing to be socially distant will be a smart way to keep others safe.I for one am willing to sacrifice these little things so that I may get back together with all of my friends and family.

This vaccine will also allow me to do my job with more ease. Right now I tend to stay away from crowds as much as possible when I am covering a sport, but soon I can get back in the stands and hear what the parents and fans are saying about their teams. I will also stop worrying about the spread of COVID-19 on the sidelines of the football field, allowing me to get better pictures.

I am so ready for this to all be over and we are in the home stretch of this pandemic. If we all band together and do what we know we should we can soon be together. Yes the masks are hot, and yes they make life uncomfortable, but they are needed. We as Americans and more specifically Mississippians should show the world just how much we care about one another and see this through to the end.

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