Will Perkins

This upcoming Egg Bowl will be one of the most interesting ones to watch. Mike Leach and Lane Kiffin are two amazing football coaches that have done great things in their careers. However, the more interesting thing to watch with these two coaches is their pre and post-game interviews.

Leach is quite possibly the weirdest coach in the sense that he talks ad nauseum about literally anything that a media person could ask a question about. Kiffin is a young fiery coach who shoots from the hip in interviews and uses Twitter like a 15-year-old.

These two coaches are both good hires for their programs. Kiffin and Leach are great offensive minds, which is not necessarily normal within the confines of the Southeastern Conference. The SEC is used to big hard-nosed defensive players who will stop anyone in their tracks. It is not used to a spread type offense with an empty backfield with five receivers going deep.

The old dogs in the SEC will be surprised and possibly upset by the new guard that is coming into Mississippi. Nick Saban’s defense will be tested, and Ed Orgeron’s offense will have to keep up.

This may be the beginning of something extremely exciting for the state of Mississippi. I think we might see a new super power emerge from this great state.

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